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Sacred Yoga Practice with Rainbeau Mars: Vinyasa Flow - 4 Volume Gift Set 2002-2007

Sacred Yoga Practice with Rainbeau Mars: Vinyasa Flow - 4 Volume Gift Set 2002-2007
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Join the development of Yoga under the guidance of the world-famous Rainbow Mars. She conducts her studies on the shore of the ocean, to the sound of incoming waves. Its unique multi-level complex of exercises, on the one hand, is available even for the beginner, and on the other hand - it is useful and necessary for the experienced Yoga practitioners. The concepts of body, mind and soul in Yoga are inseparable. Yoga is like a beautiful dance, poses and asanas of which, in combination with the technique of proper breathing and meditation, provide the body with health and longevity. That is why it is very important to do Yoga slowly to reveal all the possibilities of your body, to feel the balance between yourself and the world around you. Soon you will notice how the body acquires harmony and elasticity, feel a surge of strength, and also learn how to remove the accumulated fatigue.
A place to breathe deeply, strengthen and nourish your body, and awaken your spirits ...
Yoga can help reverse the aging process by improving flexibility, massigning the internal organs and glands, sending oxygen to all the body tissues, and enhancing a state of serenity. Breathing deeply in certain postures affects the nervous and lymphatic systems. It increases circulation and promotes radiant skin. It helps relieve tight muscles, increases energy, and improves strength. On the deeper level, it's a tool for observation. It brings us into the present so that we can fully receive what each moment has to offer and teach. Join Rainbeau Mars and experience yoga in paradise on the breathtaking beaches of Maui. This 4 Volume Gift Boxed Set includes: For Beginners, Pure Sweat, Pure Tranquility, and Pure Power.
Rainbeau Mars (Rainbow Mars)
Rainbeau Mars (Rainbow Mars) is a famous American yogi who is known for her unique teaching of yoga, fitness and health care tips.
Her CDs are sold in millions, she has tens of thousands of followers, and besides, she teaches yoga in Hollywood to the most famous actors and models. Despite the hard work schedules, Rainbow is ready to share the secrets of harmony, integrity and help people gain confidence, freedom, happiness, health and love.
I want you to take from this article all the most important, and as soon as possible began to take care of your health.
"The more we give, the more we get", - Rainbow Mars.
So, the feet
The human foot is perhaps one of the most beautiful parts of our body. In Chinese medicine, it is considered that the foot is a kind of conductor with the earth, not only physical, but also spiritual.
If your accommodation or holiday destination is located near the sand dunes or the beach, then the best leg scrub will be walking barefoot on the sand. Do not forget about your toes. As often as possible, stretch and stretch your fingers - they too need care. Nail Care on the Legs It is better to use non-toxic, natural varnishes for feet that can be purchased at a nearby health cosmetics store. Pamper yourself with a pedicure. It's very simple and pleasant - you can make it yourself, ask a friend or go to a beauty salon. Ankles and lower legs
Do not get upset because sometimes they are too thick or too thin. Regardless of shape and size, they carry out the main function - the movement of our feet. In order for your legs to look perfect, you can use a scrub, wax to remove hair, moisturizing cream, baths and rubbing with essential oils. Knees The function of the knees is especially important, since it is they that sustain the load of our body. Therefore, do not forget about one not a difficult and useful procedure - massage. To massage the knees it is useful to use coconut oil. It should be rubbed until it is completely absorbed into the skin. The upper part of the leg (thighs)
At the top of the leg is the quadriceps muscle, consisting of the hamstring and the lateral femoral muscles. They are the strongest and largest muscles in our body. Through our thighs a lot of energy passes, therefore, they affect both endurance and metabolism in the body.
Constantly stretching the muscles of the thigh, you, thereby, promote the burning of excess fat and improve the endurance of your body, which is often in stress.
If you want your hips to look taut and slender, then in addition to exercise and proper nutrition, massage with various oils is helpful. Which oils are preferable?
Coconut - since it is well absorbed, has a pleasant smell and smoothes the skin, Almond - tightens and nourishes the skin, includes mechanisms for updating its tissues, Peach - softens the skin, makes it supple, elastic, normalizes the sebaceous glands.
In addition, you can take any other massage oil that is at hand. After a busy day or just after an evening walk, do not be lazy to go into the shower for a couple of minutes and pamper your thighs with a fruit scrub with salt and a washcloth.
This simple procedure will refresh and tone your skin. After, apply cream or oil and massage this part until completely absorbed. Very important advice - when sitting, try not to put your foot on the foot and not to cross them - this narrows the flow of energy.
And most importantly - always talk and think only positively about your hips and never criticize them. Lower abdomen (pelvic area) The lower abdomen is the "home" for many vital organs. It is very important for both men and women to learn how to relax, soften and open this area to circulate energy in it. Put your hands on the lower abdomen, and make sure your breathing is saturated and concentrated in this area. Breathe smoothly and deeply. Gently massage this area from right to left in order to clear toxins and negative energy. Consumption of flax seeds and green salad will also help get rid of harmful toxins in the body.
The lower part of the abdomen is the home of the second chakra (the sacral chakra), which at the psychological level is associated with a sense of joy and vitality. The area of ??the solar plexus In this area begins the process of digestion. Try to make up your diet of food so that it included a large amount of fiber (fruits and vegetables). Rich in fruits and vegetables, the diet reduces the risk of a number of diseases, including heart disease, breast cancer, colon cancer. Lower back and kidneys I suggest you a very simple exercise, which is one of 5 Tibetan rituals. It is desirable to perform the exercise while sitting.
In the lower back, grope for the area where the kidneys are located. Squeeze the fingers of both hands in a fist and quickly move up and down massage this area 36 times. It is believed that this vitally important area is responsible for the health of our hair, for passion, and for fearlessness.
Good advice: summer is the time to clear our almost all the different toxins that accumulate from year to year. And if you do decide, the use of watermelon, cranberry juice, fish, egg whites, cabbage and olive oil will help you in this. Heart Our heart is the sacred symbol of life. When we close, we drop our hands on ourselves, and do not care about our health - without even noticing ourselves, we become depressed, nervous, anxious, thus risking facing life-threatening heart diseases.
Speak only the truth. False speech accelerates the heartbeat and provokes fear. Likewise, immoral acts and actions that lead to feelings of guilt should be avoided.
Before going to bed, try rubbing a bit of lavender or pink essential oil in the heart and chest area.
My advice: try to wear clothes only from natural fabrics - let the skin breathe freely. The heart area is the fourth chakra (Anahata - the heart chakra). Throat Through the throat go numerous vital blood vessels, nerves, esophagus, trachea, larynx, pharyngeal muscles. I'll tell you about some things that let you take care of your neck.
First, sing. Sing all and everywhere: at work, at home, in the shower, on a walk, etc. Singing is a great way to make our speech clean, bright, pleasant and clear. In addition, singing improves mood, clears thoughts and frees you from unnecessary worries.
Unusual enjoyment can bring reading aloud beautiful verses, hymns, and prayers. Laugh ... laugh as much as possible, always and everywhere. Smile, say pleasant talk.
I always follow one rule: "All good starts with a smile." If you want to draw all the good and positive in your life - smile, and you will see how people will reach out to you, how worries and cares will disappear, how joy, affection, happiness and love will envelop you.
After a hard day, I advise you to use honey, mixed with freshly squeezed lemon juice - this will help relax the ligaments and calm the throat. An excellent remedy to relieve it of infections - rinse your throat with a solution of water and salt.
In the evening, sitting in front of the TV, massage the throat, this procedure will be very useful, because all our fears and anxieties accumulate in the throat. The throat is the fourth chakra (Vishudha is the throat chakra). Oral Care An interesting fact from the history. You knew that Mao Zedong did not brush his teeth, despite the fact that the world's first toothbrush, more similar to the modern toothbrush, was invented in China in 1498. "Has the tiger ever brushed its teeth ?!" - so explained the position of the Communist leader of the Chinese.
Instead of brushing his teeth, he dispensed with rinsing tea and chewing tea leaves.
In our modern times, as an alternative to chewing tea leaves I can suggest you use dental floss, toothpaste, refreshing candies and rinsing herbs. When brushing your teeth, do not forget about cleaning your tongue. Special brushes for this procedure can be purchased at any supermarket.
Air fresheners can serve as apples, celery, spinach, carrots and mint tea. Do not delay your visit to the dentist, and do not spare the costs of good, quality treatment if necessary. Eyes
Did you know that dark circles under the eyes signal that our kidneys are in a state of stress? In order to correct the situation I advise you to drink a tincture of nettles or nettle tea. In addition, look at the foods that you consume, tk. this can be caused by an allergy.
It should be noted that our eyes and eyes are directly related to the health of the kidneys and liver, the forehead - with the small intestine, the cheeks are associated with the health of the lungs, and the chin with the reproductive system.
These are the keys to bringing unhealthy areas into balance.
Drink plenty of water - it cleanses the body, and then you will see how your face will shine as a token of gratitude.
Sacred Yoga Practice with Rainbeau Mars: Vinyasa Flow - 4 Volume Gift Set 2002-2007

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